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First and foremost please browse through the listing of pets available at our shelter through our pages on PetFinder. We have some wonderful pets just waiting for a loving and caring guardian and home to live out their remaining life time.

If you are serious about adopting a rescued pet it’s important (and will be helpful) for you to browse through the information we provide on this web site. See the navigation bar to the left. This information will assist you with making your selection for the right pet.

Contact us directly via phone and make an appointment or use our Pet Meet Request Form. Appointments are always available!

If you do not see a pet you are interested in adopting/meeting which is available at our rescue shelter then the next step is to

Meet My Orphans Here!
Go to our shelter pages on Petfinder
Also find my orphans on these websites
1-800-Save-A-Pet logo02

go to and to search their database of animal shelters/rescue/animal care organizations online. Perry’s little orphans are also listed and available for adoption on their web site.

Below are listed other important sites you can visit to find a rescued pet for adoption.

  • Look in your local area phone book. Animal shelters are called by a variety of names, so look in the Yellow Pages under listings such as "animal shelter," "humane society," or "animal control." Public animal care and control agencies are often listed under the city or county health department or police department.
  • You may also wish to contact The HSUS Regional Office that serves your state. Because regional offices cover specific geographic areas, staff there are likely to be familiar with humane organizations in your community.

Some Resources for Locating a Shelter


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