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At Perry’s Orphans Sanctuary we have a few simple but important guidelines you need to ensure you can comply with before making the decision to adopt one of our little orphans.

  1. We do not adopt any puppies until they are 12 weeks old (3 months).
  2. Animals will be placed with adults of legal age (18 yrs.) to be kept as household pets.
  3. The person who is to be responsible for the animal must be the one to fill out an adoption Request and Application.
  4. Fenced in yard is preferred for anyone adopting a dog
  5. If adopting a cat, the adopter must agree that the cat will stay indoors all the time as all of our cats are strictly inside cats.
  6. Provide a Veterinarian reference as proof that you have and will care for the pets you have in your home.
  7. All other dogs and cats in your household must be spayed/neutered.
  8. Permission for Perry’s Orphans Sanctuary staff to visit your residence to verify living arrangements are adequate for welcoming the pet into your home and family.
  9. All animals will be spayed/neutered before adoption and current with their immunizations. This is done at NO cost you you. Perry’s Little Orphans takes care of those needed services prior to placing a pet up for adoption. We do ask for a donation towards this cost.
  10. Renters must have official landlord written approval to adopt a pet prior to setting up an adoption. The letter of approval must have contact information which can be verified directly by Perry’s Little Orphans.
    • This written approval must be on the landlord company letterhead (if they are associated with a rental firm). An Official Signature and Contact information must be included on the letterhead.
    • If a private landlord the letter of approval must be on their personal stationary with the landlord’s signature and contact information listed.
  11. Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide training, medical treatment and proper care for the pet you intend to adopt.

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