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How to Donate using PayPal

PayPal is one of the leading secure methods to donate funds via the internet.

Please Note: If you have NEVER used PayPal before you will need to register and set up an account to become a member so you can send us funds.

Follow these Instructions:

  • Go to PayPal Send Money Page (link url here)
  • In the "Send Money" section of the page (located on the right) enter our email address
    • Ensure you have typed the correct email address! Many donations have not been received by our sanctuary because of an incorrect email address. If you have been charged for a donation please check that your funds were sent to the correct email address.
  • Next enter your email address
  • Enter the amount you would like to donate (in US dollars)
  • Select the button "Service/Other"
  • Click the "Continue" button
  • This will take you to the Member Account Login page where you will be asked to enter your Account Login ID and password.
  • After you have logged in to your account follow the prompts/instructions to submit your donation.

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