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Volunteers Are Needed

At the sanctuary your personal help is needed! You can do one or all of the following for several dogs during a visit.

  • Spend no less than 10-15 minutes with a singular puppy/dog.
  • Socialize our little orphans (both puppies and adult dogs) with human contact on a regular basis.
    • Love & Pet the puppy/dog
    • Scratch & Rub tummies
    • Massage necks/backs/legs (they love this).
    • Sit, Read Outloud to & Relax with puppies/dogs in kennels to help them become accustom to a human voice.
  • Play with the puppy/dog and a toy or ball
  • Help familiarize the puppy/dog with a leash so they are not afraid to have one attached to their collar.
  • Take the puppy/dog for a walk to the lake and back to help them grow more accustom to or maintain a positive experience being on a leash.
  • Help to bath our little orphans, their personal hygiene is an important aspect of a dogs health and comfort.

At our Adoption Events help is needed to:

  • Hours needed for these events is 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
    • If you can volunteer for a minimum of 4 hours that would be so helpful. We do not want to burden any one person to stay all day.
  • Monitor the Adoption Table/Donations
  • Pet, talk to, care for the dogs
  • Bag & promote the donated dog cookies
  • Help with "set-up & tear-down" of equipment and supplies needed for the event and "un-loading/loading" of animals.
    • Set-Up takes place 30-45 min BEFORE the store opens.

Contact us if you are willing to help with these needs:

  • Call the sanctuary at 870-431-8354.
  • Email: or My Daughter:

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