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We are a humane NO KILLorganization who provides support and programs that bridge the public with animals who need caring guardians for the remainder of their lives.

Since our beginnings in 1990, we have worked diligently to help animals who have found themselves homeless or lost and many times injured. We have acted as an advocate to their well-being. We have educated and prodded humans to do better to understand and care for the animals whom they have the privilege of guardianship. We provide assistance to animal welfare organizations to fulfill their goals to provide good homes, and to educate the public in this regard.

We will never solve the overpopulation problem without your help. Spaying and Neutering your pet is just the beginning, all of our rescued pets are spayed and neutered...yours should be too! The majority of donations are used for the spaying/neutering operations and purchase of all necessary vaccinations for our rescued pets. So they are ready for that loving caring home to spend the remaining years of their lives without worry.

We hold steadfast to our goals to save the pets that are here now and prevent more litters from being born. We continue to work with dedication to make a better place for animals to live in today's society. We need your help so that we can continue in our work to spay/neuter and provide vaccinations for our rescued pets.

Please make a donation today. You are our strength. Please help.

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